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Instructional programs

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Instructional programs

Training with the Little Angels is the first step
toward becoming a world-class leader in the arts.

    • Gaenari Class (First Year Trainees)
    • (First Year Trainees)
    • In their first year after joining the Little Angels, students learn the basic movements of Korean dance, basic vocal techniques and a wide repertoire of international songs, as well as conversational English.
      • Classes

      • 4 days / week (Mon-Wed-Thu) 
    • Mugunghwa Class (Second Year Trainees)
    • (Second Year Trainees)
    • Students spend one year learning the performance repertoire of dances and international folk songs, in preparation for joining one of the two performing teams, as well as conversational English.
      • Classes

      • 5 days / week (Mon-Wed-Fri)
    • Performing Teams(Starting from the third year)
    • (Starting from the third year)
    • The members of the performing teams perform dances, choral numbers and traditional Korean instrumental music at events in Korea and on overseas tours, continuing until the conclusion of 9th grade (3rd year of middle school).
    • ※ Classes and Rehearsals: 5 days / week, with a schedule that changes to accommodate necessary performance preparations.

Extensive training from the instructors combines with the individual effort of company members to prepare them to perform classical Korean arts with style and beauty. The repertory includes old favorites and new works created to highlight the special features of traditional Korean dance with a contemporary treatment. Junior high students learn dances that portray the finesse and beauty of dance, such as Hwagwanmu (Flower Crown Dance), Buchaechum (Fan Dance), Jangguchum (Hourglass Drum Dance) and Bukchum (Drum Dance). Elementary school students learn numerous dances that portray amusing and cute stories, including Cheonyeo Chonggak (Springtime), Sijip Ganeun Nal (Wedding Day), Ggokdoo Gaksi (Doll Dance) and The Story of Chunhyang.
Following the accompaniment of the Choral Director, trainees and company members practice favorite Korean songs such as Arirang, and Monggeumpo Taereong, and various styles of international folk songs, including yodels. The result is a unique style, with charm and harmony that make the Little Angels a favorite with audiences in Korea and overseas.
Korea’s leading musical instrument, the Gayageum, a long twelve-stringed zither, plays subtle and varied rhythms. Its entrancing tones make a wonderful addition to the Little Angels performance repertoire. Every member of the company learns to play the Gayageum while singing popular Korean songs such as Arirang, Ggot Taryeong (Flower Song), and Gunbam Taryeong.
In this global era, the Little Angels’ communicative English curriculum is designed to help the students develop a comfortable familiarity with English through games and conversational activities with native English-speaking teachers.
  • (재)효정한국문화재단
  • 대표자 : MOON JULIA HOON SOOK (박훈숙)
  • 등록번호 : 207-82-00650
  • 서울시 광진구 천호대로 664
  • TEL : 070.7124.1762
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